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Cosa c'é dentro la luce

Project with SOS Ticino


September  2020

Migrants in Ticino , Switzerland

"I look forward to a
sunny future, but the 
shadows of the past do not 
leave me alone."

"The history not yet written"


November 2021

Migrants woman in Switzerland

Freedom and being woman in Ticino as a migrang woman. How do they feel? What are the difficulies? 

With this project we have addressed these issues and created discussions from photographs taken by the girls.


May 2019

Migrants in Switzerland

One month photovoice project with 7 young that since three years lives in Switzerland but still in an uncertain situation.

Migrants telling their story and reality of how they feel in Ticino.

unastanza (18).jpeg

June 2021

Participatory project online for woman

Using photography to look at our emotions and body. Talking about stereotype and social issue and the courage to be free as a woman in society.   


January 2019 

Morocco single woman photo

Being a single parent is not easy. However, in a country like Morocco, and even more, family rejection and social marginalization of these women are added to the potential problems that these women may have to further complicate their lives and add extra to the process of developing their young infants’ difficulties.

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