La storia non ancora scritta

September 2020

"The history not yet written."

With these photographs the participants of the participatory photography project want to tell us their story, that for circumstances of life find themselves far from their country.

Five stories united by the same experience, stories of migration and

"As if in a continuous quarantine, I search for hope without knowing quite what will happen tomorrow.
I raise my voice, my hands in the air to seek peace and the right amount of tranquility to live my days. I am still very lucky but I miss my freedom."


This project collects stories told through the use of photography, making us participants in their outer and inner world.

They transmit us their anxieties, the uncertainties of their future and the pain for what they left behind. They are confident, sensitive people, fighters, far from any kind of victimhood.

Now they are here in Ticino, sheltered from the dangers that threatened them in their countries.Their story starts from scratch with dreams and hopes.


Experiences that have been represented in this selection of photographs that the participants took during the course.