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I believe everyone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Best known for its English word "Photovoice", participatory photography is defined as a process in which people can identify, represent and improve their community and situation through a specific photographic technique.
This method entrusts the cameras to the hands of the people to enable them to act as potential documenters and catalysts of change in their own communities and reality.

The immediacy of the visual image is us

ed to provide evidence and to promote a participatory method of sharing experiences and knowledge.

(Wang & Burris, 1997: 369).


We strongly believe in photography as a tool for personal and social transformation.

Through experiential experiences, we promote creativity as a tool capable of visualizing the reality of people and developing self-esteem, healthy human relationships, decision-making, social participation, reflection and fun.

Our Mission


This participatory project has the aim to promote the personal development, critical thinking and reflect with and artistic opinion on this modern issues.

Create a space to socialize that involves emotion, empathizes and approach in the society.

We want to create a space to allow participants to record and reflect on their personal role in community.
We want to promote critical dialogue and knowledge about personal issues and with the photographs taken, we want to show the community the reality and create knowledge about this issue.

The goal of the project is to make space for the participant to speak, on whatever subject and from whatever perspective they choose.

The project also provided valuable insight for local and national organizations who are working to address these issues, and provided vital case studies for campaigning work with policy makers and legislators. 

Nathalie Vigini

Nathalie Vigini, born in Switzerland in 1982, graduated in Milan in tourism and event organization.
From 2004 to 2016 she lived and worked in South and Central America (Brasil and Costa Rica) where she develop some local projects with kids and woman (Olas para todos, surf for local girls in Costa Rica). Her passion to photography took her to travel a lot and being interested since always on social issues and people stories and realities.

Working in tourism, photographic events and some personal project, photography has always been a important part of her life. With the support of organization “the rich coast project”, she realize a participatory project in Puerto Viejo with local kids with the theme “house”.

Working on personal project and documenting life trough photography, Nathalie Vigini came back in Europe in 2017 where she started a photography school in Barcelona to get better knowledge.
She works since 2017 years for the Verzasca Foto Festival in Switzerland and she is always working on her personal photographic projects.

In 2019 she began an online formation of art therapy and a short introduction to photo therapy 

In 2020 she did a specialized course in "photo-therapy and participatory photography" with Instituto8 in Barcelona.

Now days she holds online workshop on photography as a tool of personal expression and self growing.

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