Gabbia d'oro

November 2021

With the renovated availability and collaboration of S.O.S Ticino I was able to start a Photovoice program with a group of immigrant women in Ticino.

The project was held during every Sunday of the month of November and early December where we deepened together the themes of photography, analyzed images and practiced some concepts of photography.


The themes discussed during the meetings were various but relatively focused on their reality and their life as "refugees" and women waiting for their documents and their different visions and thoughts.

We discussed and elaborated together themes such as identity, belonging and commented together fragments of personal lives.

They talked a lot about missing "freedom"

Freedom to work. To have friends. Not to be judge by the locals just because a veil in their head.


These were all cues to be able to elaborate the photographic project where the images of the participants are mixed to tell their story between images and words.