Nous, les mamans 

January - February 2019

On top of the stigma of having sex outside of marriage, which is forbidden by law, unwed mothers struggle to support their children against the shame and social norms that unfairly cast them as social pariahs

This project want to give this mother the voice to show their reality, they life and problem. It is a way to give her the tools to express themselves and share their reality and this situation in Morocco.

Every participants had their compact camera and receive instructions on basic photographic concepts. We facilitate guided sharing exercises on the concept of “mother,” allowing women to think creatively about what this idea means to them and how it might be represented through images. 
The women discussed their experiences and express their stories, feelings and messages through photography. 

With the collaboration of the local Ong in Casablanca (INSAF)  during one months, we  approach the different topics surrounding image and encourage the work and reflection around the main themes that we consider significant: motherhood, woman position in society, gender violence. 


The workshop ended with a local exhibition to celebrate the finished works .

Another expo was done in Swizterland during the Verzasca Foto Festival.